To live under the American Constitution is the greatest political privilege that was ever accorded to the human race.

WE have a lot of work to do if we are going to build a future for Arizona families that has more freedom, opportunity, and prosperity. There is no simple fix, and the only way we will get where we want to go will be by promoting principles we know will work and applying them to the problems we have today. My ideas and solutions are based on the beliefs of free market capitalism, empowering individuals to help themselves, reducing the responsibilities of government back to the enumerated powers in the Constitution, people should not pay for irresponsible government spending, and protecting the citizens of Arizona from domestic and foreign threats.

I am always available to talk, and listen to ideas because if Arizona is going to build a bright and shining future then we will all need to be in this together, and as your representative, I will never forget who I work for, and whose opinion is most important!




Jobs and Economic Growth:

Government does not create jobs! There is no substitute for a strong and vibrant free market based economy. As your representative, I will work with private businesses to make it easier to: develop our natural resources, expand farming opportunities, create manufacturing jobs, start businesses and grow our retail and service based economy, which will provide growth and stability for you and Arizona. I will also work to ensure that Arizona has the infrastructure it needs for today and the future. No economy or community can grow if it doesn’t have the infrastructure to support it. Arizona is a top destination state for people to come and live; now we should lead the country in job creation and economic prosperity.



We must develop a system that focuses on the individual learning and success of our children. Parents need to have real choices when it comes to their children’s education and teachers can’t be held down by politically motivated school boards and administrators. As your representative, I will take on the many obstacles that stand in the way of our children getting the quality education they need to succeed. For decades we have spent more and more money per child on education and the results have gotten worse. It is time to hold those who broke our education system responsible and let them know that Arizona will no longer pay for failure. We must have higher expectations if our children and grandchildren are to have the future we want them to have. There is no more valuable resource we have than our children and they deserve our best.


Supporting Law Enforcement:

We cannot expect to have safe communities unless we support local, county, and state law enforcement agencies. Arizona must streamline the process for law enforcement to get the tools they need to keep us safe. We should not ask our law enforcement agencies to go into harm’s way without giving them what they tell us they need.

Our police chiefs and county sheriffs also need to know that we will stand up for them when the Federal government tries to stop them from protecting Arizona families. Since the Federal government has created a culture that has become hostile to law enforcement and has worked against their efforts, it is necessary for Arizona to do the job Washington DC won’t in order to protect our families and communties.


Tax and Budget Reform:

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It is not the job of the people to pay for irresponsible government spending. We must create a state budget built on the principles of limited government, respecting the taxpayer, understanding that private programs are better than government programs, and that taxes should be low to stimulate investment and growth. Arizona must develop a conservative tax system that eliminates the capital gains tax and sets other tax rates to levels that do not punish the hard working people of Arizona. We can grow with a low tax paying, broad tax payer base. Continuing to grow government and expecting the people to pay the bill, regardless, must stop. As we have seen in our country and around the world, an out of control government will collapse, bankrupt the people, and leave everyone less free.


Welfare Reform:

welfareThere is no better welfare program than a job. The culture of welfare dependency, promoted by the Progressive Liberals, must stop. Arizona should work with private businesses and organizations to create opportunities to get people off of welfare and back to work. It is fundamentally wrong to pay someone to do nothing when they are capable of helping themselves. We must insist on and fight for real welfare reform. We can’t irresponsibly spend people’s money because Washington DC mandates that we must. Welfare should no longer be a way of life but a small hand up to help people access better opportunities where they can help themselves.


Border Control:

border2As your representative I will work with local and Federal agencies to make sure we know who is coming into Arizona. With people coming illegally across our border daily, it has become more obvious than ever that the government has failed and immediate action must be taken to get total control over our border. With the current chaos it is easy to forget that illegal immigration and the drug cartels are not our only problem. Islamic terrorism is a real threat that will only get worse if we don’t stop the easy access they get through our open border. We must put the safety and security of the people above Obama’s radical political agenda. The safety and security of Arizona and its citizens is non-negotiable and will be a top priority of mine in the State House.

2nd Amendment Rights:

2nd amendmentAn educated and armed society is a safe society. Arizona must stand firm on defending and promoting our Constitutional rights to keep and bear arms. Aggressive gun control laws do nothing to stop criminals from getting guns; they only impede the ability of law abiding citizens to exercise their 2nd Amendment rights. We need to work within our communities to protect ourselves by embracing educated, proactive, and pro-2nd Amendment policies that we know will strengthen our neighborhoods and make us safer. Our 2nd Amendment right and our right to protect ourselves and our families must never be negotiated away.

Supporting Life:

lifeMy faith has taught me that to save a life is to save the whole world. I strongly believe that we must value every life and defend every life. When society no longer sees each and every life as invaluable, the society will cease to be a society. That is why Arizona must continue to not only defend life, but must advance the fight for life. Arizona must make sure that those who criminally profit from abortions are held criminally responsible and lose all state funds they may receive.

States Rights:

Arizona’s relationship with Washington DC should be strictly guided by the US Constitution. Our sovereignty, as outlined in the Constitution, should not be negotiable. We are not just a political functionary of the Federal government and should not be treated like one. Arizona must fight back against Federal programs that bleed Arizona of tax dollars that could be better spent elsewhere. As stated in the Constitution, the Federal government gets its powers from the States and the people and we need to aggressively advance policies that will realign the relationship between Arizona and Washington to reflect what is required by law.

Marriage and Religious Freedom:

familyWe must recognize marriage as a union between one man and one woman and the right of every individual to practice their faith and worship openly without fear from the government as bedrock principles that Arizona must defend. We cannot undermine the importance of family and faith and still expect to be a strong society. Arizona must advance policies that will protect the core institutions of marriage and religion from the radical agenda of progressive activists and their legislative and judicial allies.